Rare Birds Book Club Honours Wold Book Day by Partnering with Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

Books laid on their side

Monthly book delivery and digital book club, Rare Birds has gifted another 62 books to Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow in celebration of World Book Day which took place on the 4th of March, marking their second donation to the charity during the pandemic.

Headquartered in Scotland, the Book Club has announced a second partnership with Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow, donating over 60 books to offer escapism to residents after a challenging year. After gifting 82 books in the summer of 2020, the home of women’s fiction, Rare Birds, were determined to continue supporting the charity going on to gift a further 42 children’s books and 20 adult reads.

YouGov data shows two in five read for pleasure at least once a week

One in five Brits describe themselves as avid readers according to data from YouGov, with two in five claiming to read for pleasure once a week. Supplying “something proven to lower stress and boost wellbeing” was a priority for the Rare Birds Book Club, particularly on an important day marked on the literary calendar.

Families who benefited from the last donation played a key role in inspiring a second donation after sharing how reading had helped them.

One person commented, ‘I find books really calming, so when I saw a book at my bedside that wee comfort blanket just made me burst into tears. It made me think that these people just knew me and what I needed to help me get through this time in hospital. That wee touch made me feel so welcome and settled me in during an incredibly difficult time.’

Another said, ‘My routine after leaving my baby in the ward at night was dinner, shower and tucked up in bed with a book. This sense of routine helped me settle and feel more in control of myself even with everything we were facing at hospital, especially during the pandemic.’

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow is an independent Scottish charity providing a safe, welcoming and cost-free home-from-home for families of children who are being treated in nearby hospitals, was chosen for the donation of books to offer a moment of respite for those in residence. 31 ensuite bedrooms hosted 504 families in 2019, gifting over 11,000 nights to those in need; families often arrive under emergency circumstances with only the clothes on their backs and can be miles away from their support network.

For more information visit https://rarebirdsbookclub.com/

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