Lockdown Encouraged Me To: Start My Own Essential Oils Business

It’s fair to say the lockdown has had its up and downs for us all, from redundancies to launching businesses out of passions. As we draw to what is supposedly the last few months of a full lockdown, it’s good to reflect on the good that has come out of lockdown. For founder of Essential Oils Surrey, Hannah Courtney, the result of lockdown meant her job at the time in events, a field she had worked in for ten years, dried up overnight and it was during this time that she decided to set up her own business.

Hannah Courtney, founder of Essential Oils Surrey

Hannah comments, “I had previously experienced issues with sleep, stress and hormones, however [using] oils helped me to regain a healthy balance in all these areas and more. I was much happier in myself and had more energy and motivation than I had ever had… I couldn’t get enough of the oils and how they made me feel physically and emotionally. I felt so passionate about the benefits that I decided to go and study clinical aromatherapy, which I never would have been able to do I was still working.”

Hannah decided to set up Essential Oils Surrey to “help others find balance in their health and wellbeing through natural essential oil solutions”. Applying a holistic approach to consultation services offered on a 1:1 basis, Hannah provides expert advice on essential oil benefits and tailors these to individual needs through providing dietary, lifestyle and supplement support as well as online workshops for beginners.

The business owner discusses how essential oils are used, commenting that they are utilised within the “discipline of aromatherapy to establish and maintain balance in an individual’s mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy is often associated as being a ‘feel good therapy’ however the role of olfaction and chemistry of an essential oil go much deeper than this.”

Essential oils are usually used three ways, says Hannah:


  • Through inhalation via an ultrasonic diffuser, diffuser jewellery & nasal inhalers etc.
  • Benefits of aromatic use include fast effects (within 20 seconds the scent has reached the limbic system), memory association and improved emotional & mental wellbeing. Oils can be uplifting, calming & energizing and provide support for conditions such as depression, anxiety and fatigue.


  • Using a carrier oil and lotion, applying to the skin and relative body parts where the essential oil is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. From here they travel to the organ or bodily system they relate to.
  • Benefits of topical use include improved skin health and effective treatment for skin conditions e.g. eczema, psoriasis, cuts & bites etc.


  • Within safe guidelines, providing the oils are 100% pure, they can be taken internally via veggie capsules, a drop under the tongue or added to water & smoothies.
  • Benefits of ingestion include cellular, digestion, immune support and detoxification”
Essential Oils Surrey oils

And the benefits of these work on a physiological, psychological and pharmacological level, says Hannah, producing a variety of therapeutic properties such as:

Sedative – promote relaxation and reduce anxious feelings

Soporific – promotes sleep

Analgesic – pain relieving

Nervine – stimulates nerves relative to body systems

Digestive – promotes digestion

Uterine tonics – condition the reproductive system & its function

Immuno-stimulant – stimulates immune response”

Anyone can try essential oils particularly those searching for solutions to sleep, digestion, hormones, mood or energy level problems, comments Hannah. Not only do essential oils provide a “gentle means of treatment”, they come without any undesirable side effects, playing a “significant role when it comes to our mind and emotions”.

Hannah has been studying for her diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and will sit her final exam at the end of April, once she is qualified, she hopes to expand on the 1:1 health and wellbeing consultations to include optional “prescriptions of tailored essential oil treatment blends specific to the needs of the client”.

She adds, “I would also like to establish myself as an expert within the industry and further increase awareness of the business. I plan to start selling my own blends in addition to the retail & wholesale I currently offer of doTERRA oils. I would like to continue with events, bloggings and talks, educating and empowering others through natural essential oil solutions. My particular interest lies within the female reproductive system and hormones, so I may decide later down the line to extend into a niche here or refine the business offering around this.”

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