Artist Mandy Nicholson’s Mission to Help Creative Females Thrive

Artist, consultant and author, Mandy Nicholson is on a mission to support and encourage creative females across the world to make money from their craft. Having recently built a 6 figure business from her craft during the pandemic, and purchasing her dream home, Mandy is determined to help fellow female creatives launch, grow and expand their business in a bid to reduce the number of them giving up on their dreams.

Mandy helps creative women through her social media sites which provide information and valuable content daily. She comments, “They can build up their knowledge and courage just by being on my network. When they are ready to really invest in themselves, I help them the most through my 12-month signature program – The Creative Development Mentorship Program.”

The 12-month signature program includes four one-to-one sessions, two weekly group business coaching sessions, two monthly mindset coaching sessions with Mandy’s mindset mentor and two monthly technology coaching sessions. Clients will have access to experts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as a “warm private group community where they are encouraged to share their wins and ask questions to support each other”. The proof is in the pudding it seems, with previous clients of Mandy increasing sales of £400 a month to £1,000 per week seven months into the coaching programme.

Mandy has found many elements to limit creative women from chasing their dreams, she responds, “Confidence in themselves and comparison with others is a main one. Society has applied this myth of the starving artist, re-enforced through ‘Uncle Bob ‘who tells you ‘it’s a nice hobby but you need a proper job’. This leaves many creative women believing that they won’t make money and it’s hard. The first few sections of my program are designed to deal with self-worth, imposter syndrome and ‘comparisonitis’. Once these women start to value themselves and their work, others follow, it creates a chain reaction.”

One of Mandy Nicholson’s incredible works of art

But, Mandy’s determination to help others goes beyond passion alone and is inspired by her own experiences of hardship and overcoming challenges. She comments, “11 years ago, I lost everything. My 6-figure career, my 13-year marriage, my business on the side, my dad, my home and all of my money ending up bankrupt. I ended up in social housing, a single mum and on £30 to my name. My son was diagnosed with autism and I was in shock. My experience and knowledge were what saved me, and I re-built my life and bought my dream home for cash in 2019, 10 years after my ‘series of unfortunate events’. I refuse to be stopped or held back, I have real tenacity and I teach this to my clients. My job is to give them unwavering self-confidence and all of the tools they need to build a successful multi-income streamed business. I lived it, so I know from experience how to get past it.”

Having been a senior leader for some major brands in the past including, Somerfield, B&Q and IKEA, Mandy has decades of experience of managing single and multi-site businesses. She began in a small supermarket and worker her way up. She comments, “Somerfield paid for me to do a Diploma in Management Studies; I did so many additional trainings and certifications and gained so much from working with people. I was one of the most successful Store Managers and Divisional Executive’s in the company and the only female!”

Mandy feels this experience in particular served her well in being able to “connect quickly with where my client is and assess their potential”. She adds, “I developed 1000’s of people during my time and it is my superpower, being able to actually connect that with the creativity of my clients makes me unique. I get them, because I once WAS them.”

A day in the life for Mandy looks like writing content for social media in the form of posts, newsletters and blogs. Mandy also works on writing an upcoming book of hers for a minimum of three hours twice a week. “Client calls, group calls, and one to ones” also find their way into Mandy’s schedule throughout the week.

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