Local Small Business Gives to Isolated Woman in Her 90’s

The power of social media still blows my mind each day. But it’s not social media that holds the power, it’s the individuals who create communities and friendships by utilising the various platforms. Bethan Mary, owner of DecoDori was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status to send a gift to a 90-year-old Great, Great-Auntie living in West Wales (who also happens to be my Great, Great-Auntie Glen).

Gifted by DecoDori

Bethan Jones wrote on Facebook, “Our Auntie Glen lives in a very small village in rural South West Wales about 1.5 hours away from Cardiff. The nearest shop is a 10 minute bus ride away (buses aren’t something frequent where she lives.) Neighbours are not physically close enough to chat to across the garden wall.”

Lockdown has proved difficult for many across the UK, particularly those isolated and living away from family. Our attention has certainly been turned towards small businesses during the lockdown, with a need to support them and keep them afloat during a challenging time. A survey by Barclaycard highlighted that nine in ten local business consumers said they would continue to support “smaller and independent businesses” after restrictions from the pandemic end.

Bethan from DecoDori shows why it is so fundamental to support small and local. Her kind gesture reiterates family values, she comments,

“I was always taught by my parents, grandparents and family in general to always be kind. Giving should never be done to receive and that being kind doesn’t cost a penny but can brighten someone’s day. When I saw Beth’s (Jones) post I just had to do something. We sent a floral gift and an afternoon tea to our Great Auntie who lives in Penarth and the joy it brought to her brought tears to my eyes, it makes you feel so happy inside, so being able to do the same to Auntie Glen was great.”

Bethan Mary describes herself as always being crafty. Having done decoupage in the past as a hobby, when the second lockdown struck, she decided to launch her own business. She recalls, “My first set of coasters were a set of 4 bumble bee ones that I made as a gift for a friend. I posted them on my social media and it kicked off from there. I now do a little more than coasters, I’ve started doing placemats, serving platters, hanging plaques and now MDF pieces and tea cups and saucer bird feeders!”

A typical day in the life for Bethan tends to begin in the evening once the “3 children are in bed” with late nights a common occurrence. She comments, “I love doing what I do and I find it very relaxing, At Christmas it was very busy and I was doing hundreds of coasters each week. I’m actually looking forward to being that busy again!”.

To find out more about DecoDori head to their Facebook page or find them on Instagram by searching @deco.dori.

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