Hair Salon Goes The Extra Mile During Pandemic

Inside a hair salon

Owner of one of Wimbledon’s named best hair salons, Andy Sharma has worked in the industry from the age of 16. Andy kept in virtual touch with clients during the pandemic to help them through hair-care and at home styling, checking in on how they’re doing, and continuing to build the relationships with clients that they’ve had for 10-15 years. Andy took some time away from styling to share his journey with The Inspired Narrative!

1. What inspired you to get into the hair and beauty industry?

“I remember seeing my mum return back from the salon and found it incredible to see how a new cut or style transformed her overall look and increased her confidence. I knew at a young age I wanted to give men and women that same feeling every time they saw me. I love seeing people’s individual style and personality reflected in their haircut! Adding a beauty department to Andy’s salon was a natural progression; as with hair care, a good skin regime ensures you feel great inside and out every time you visit my salon!”

2. How did you support clients with hair-care and at home styling? 

“The correct home care is extremely important for us. We want to create a look tailored to each individual which can be easily maintained and replicated so they can experience that ‘salon shine’ with strong healthy hair between appointments. Most damage from home styling comes from over working the hair. We want to ensure they create their desired style working with their natural texture or using minimal heat. During lockdowns we had online chats with our clients to guide them through. This ensured that they took good care of their hair and we continued building relationships with them.”

3. Did the pandemic impact the salon?

“Owning an independent salon during a global pandemic was never going to be easy but I continued to support my team and customers. The pandemic made us rethink our usual way of running the salon as we had to limit the salon capacity to half and allow time between each appointment to sanitise the sections. It helped make us a lot more efficient with our time while still sustaining our usual salon experience. 

To keep the team motivated during lockdown, I hosted training and socials via zoom. It was imperative that I continued our in-house training so that our new team of stylists will be ready in time for a new location opening (watch this space). We had each other’s backs. Despite the challenges we’ve all faced over the past year, I’m extremely proud of what I’ve built. “

4. What is your favourite part about the job?

“Bringing the best potential out of everyone’s hair, feeling appreciated and building up long standing relationships with clients. Once they have their first experience in the salon, most clients recommend us to their family or friends. The whole ethos of my salon is to create a luxurious family orientated salon and I’m so glad this is reflected in each client!”

Thank you to Andy and the team for taking time to share their positive news story with us here at The Inspired Narrative.

Further information on Andy’s Salon…

After finishing boarding school abroad, Andy joined his first hair salon at the age of 16 in Chelsea. He instantly fell in love with the skill and transformation his colleagues were creating on clients and how impactful hair was on their lives. He joined the in-house training program to learn how to cut and style, however was told he would never make it as a stylist. This gave him the drive and determination to make it to the top. Within 10 years of joining he became the Director Stylist and 5 years ago, Andy opened his first hair and beauty salon under his own name in his dream location, Wimbledon Village. The salon is family run as Andy works alongside his brother and fiancé and all the stylists are trained in-house by Andy. Opening up an independent business was going to be a struggle as clients felt safer going to brand names they know and trust, however Andy’s unique and personal touch which resonates throughout his team, in creating a luxurious, family friendly salon in the heart of the village soon helped build the businesses repertoire. 

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