New ‘Readingmate’ App to Encourage Children to Read More

Child reading book

A newly-launched reading app, ‘Readingmate’ has been created to encourage children of all ages and abilities to develop good reading habits. Developed during the initial lockdown in 2020 by co-founders James and Hannah Rix, the first prototype was met with great feedback from parents wanting their children to read whilst schools were closed. Head of […]

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10 Essential Ways for Employers To support Remote Working Employees

Support for employees is an element that each employer should ensure is a priority, particularly during the period of uncertainty currently faced by all in the UK with the ongoing health emergency. Not only is support vital for an employees wellbeing, the more it is practised and put in place by a workplace, the better […]

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News Delivered With Humour Could Help Young People Digest Political Information

Young woman laughing

Research has found that young adults between the ages of 18-34 years old digested news better when conveyed in a humorous manner, which also meant they were more likely to share the information online. Humour stimulates activity in brain regions “associated with social engagement, improves memory for political facts, and increases the tendency to share […]

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Strength & Inspiration: The Story Behind The UK’s Strongest Couple

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Sam Taylor and Sue Taylor-Franklin currently hold the title for the UK’s strongest couple, but their strength lies deeper than their passion for powerlifting. Before meeting and eventually falling in love with each other, Sam and Sue both faced their own individual challenges and moments of hopelessness. The couple were nothing but warm and welcoming […]

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Psychic Nancy Mello Reunites Lost Pets With Owners

Two dogs looking up with blue sky background

In the last 12 months, Nancy Mello has helped find twenty animals and has worked with more than 300 others including a Bearded Dragon named Nala, a green tree frog named Toad, and a chicken called “Mama.” A psychic and clairvoyant of 2 years, Nancy worked to help people connect with lost loved ones as […]

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How Redundancy Encouraged Me to Start Up a Business – Inspiring Stories

Puzzle being pieced together

The first lockdown that came as a result of COVID-19 brought with it several disadvantages including redundancies with approximately 695,000 people said to have left company payrolls since March 2020. Mark Townsend, founder of Hi-Line gutter cleaning, became a part of that statistic after facing redundancy in May. Fortunately this encouraged Mark to start up […]

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Forget New Year Resolutions, Here’s 3 Things We Need to Take Into 2021

Blank diary and e-book reader flat lay

A year ago I was working in an office, free of face masks, sharing chocolates out of a tin and man-handling tea bags without fear of passing on COVID-19. I sucked in my tummy and made myself as straight as possible as I squished past people in crowded pubs and stayed out drinking past the […]

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Empty shop in chippenham is Put to Use By Community-Based Organisation

Different colour paints

Community Organisation Kandu Arts will put a unit that currently stands unoccupied in Chippenham to use with their ‘S.H.O.P – Social Hub of Positivity’. Unit 3 in Emery Gate shopping centre will be transformed to a multi-purpose community hub where art, music, crafts, film information and more will be shared. Window displays of banners about […]

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Book Review – Geoffrey Lew’s ‘The Ordinary Leader’

Sun Tzu’s military advice represented in ‘The Art of War’ has existed for centuries and has been devoured by millions across the globe, with many lawyers known to use the book to negotiate better and essentially win trials. An ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the 5th century BC, Geoffrey Lew’s ‘The Ordinary Leader’ plays […]

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The Hidden Benefit of Your Daily Cuppa

Hot tea being poured into a mug with a strainer for tea leaves

A cup of black tea may be just as beneficial to our health as a cup of green tea, reveals a new scientific review in the journal, Nutrition and Food Technology. The little-known polyphenols found in black tea, called thearubigins, can influence 3 main areas of health – gut health, blood pressure, and anti-cancer effects, […]

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