Local Small Business Gives to Isolated Woman in Her 90’s

The power of social media still blows my mind each day. But it’s not social media that holds the power, it’s the individuals who create communities and friendships by utilising the various platforms. Bethan Mary, owner of DecoDori was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status to send a gift to a 90-year-old Great, Great-Auntie living […]

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New Book Helps Children Understand Dementia

Children reading a book together

850,000 people in the UK are estimated to be living with dementia according to Alzheimer’s Research UK. When a parent or grandparent is diagnosed with dementia it can be hard to take in, and sometimes harder for children to understand the changes going on for their loved person. This may be because they don’t “properly […]

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Mental health Charity sidekick Collaborate with Botany & Books

Candle stacked on a book with surrounding flowers

Mental health charity, sidekick has teamed up with small creative business Botany&Books to create a bespoke book and candle gift set in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from 10-16 May 2021. With this in mind, the sidekick team were determined to do something unique with the support of a meaningful partnership. The […]

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One Eco-Friendly App’s Mission to Cut Plastic

Refill app shown in use on a smart phone

The expansion of an environmental campaign has seen use of plastic bottles cut by around 100 million. The award-winning campaign, Refill has prevented 30,000 pieces of plastic use in Oxford and Bristol areas. The City to Sea campaign is a not-for-profit organisation, working to stop plastic pollution. Founding partners, Water UK and Chilly’s are some […]

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Artist Mandy Nicholson’s Mission to Help Creative Females Thrive

Artist, consultant and author, Mandy Nicholson is on a mission to support and encourage creative females across the world to make money from their craft. Having recently built a 6 figure business from her craft during the pandemic, and purchasing her dream home, Mandy is determined to help fellow female creatives launch, grow and expand […]

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Kate Hames ON: The Stigma of Rape and Her Collaborative Book of Survivor Stories

Summary Welcome back to another episode of The Inspired Narrative podcast, a platform for highlighting inspiring stories. On today’s episode I am joined by Kate Hames, author of ‘Say The Word’. Say The Word is a collaborative book of survivors stories which is in the process of being turned into a play. Kate is advocating […]

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Lockdown Encouraged Me To: Start My Own Essential Oils Business

It’s fair to say the lockdown has had its up and downs for us all, from redundancies to launching businesses out of passions. As we draw to what is supposedly the last few months of a full lockdown, it’s good to reflect on the good that has come out of lockdown. For founder of Essential […]

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Backstories by Simon Van der Velde – A Book Review

Book laid out on a flat lay with a cup of tea and decorations

“Sure, I float like a butterfly but I sting like a bee, cos the hands can’t hit what the eye can’t see.” Backstories by Simon Van Der Velde ‘Backstories’ by Simon Van Der Velde follows the stories of 14 familiar souls, only they aren’t familiar. Not until you as the reader discover their backstory. From […]

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One Woman’s Mission to Produce Quality Skin Care Products

Interest in skincare has certainly grown over the last decade, with 9.2 million women said to use face cream products in 2019, as reported by Statista. Isobel Perl, founder of Perl Cosmetics had a business vision in mind a year before caving into her passion. Prior to this Isobel found herself in a corporate world […]

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The Importance of Vitamins for Fatigue and Motivation

Fatigue and lack of motivation have certainly played a role in the last year, with the pandemic restricting many of us to the same four walls. Pandemic fatigue in fact has been defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as ‘a natural and expected reaction to sustained and unresolved adversity in people’s lives’. It is […]

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