‘The Journey to Be Me’ – Ryan Rooney

67% of transgender respondents in an official survey stated they had avoided “being open about their gender identity for fear of a negative reaction from others”. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong in their body, and everyone deserves to feel happy with who they are. But the process of coming to terms with being […]

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‘Say The Word’ Tackles Stigma Around Rape and Gives Survivors a Voice

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

There are various words that hold negative connotations, rightly so, but often these words are the ones that are the hardest to say. They are hard because they hold a stigma. Kate Hames is one inspirational woman working to tear down that stigma with her own lived experience. At the ages of 16 and 26, […]

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Strength & Inspiration: The Story Behind The UK’s Strongest Couple

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Sam Taylor and Sue Taylor-Franklin currently hold the title for the UK’s strongest couple, but their strength lies deeper than their passion for powerlifting. Before meeting and eventually falling in love with each other, Sam and Sue both faced their own individual challenges and moments of hopelessness. The couple were nothing but warm and welcoming […]

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How Redundancy Encouraged Me to Start Up a Business – Inspiring Stories

Puzzle being pieced together

The first lockdown that came as a result of COVID-19 brought with it several disadvantages including redundancies with approximately 695,000 people said to have left company payrolls since March 2020. Mark Townsend, founder of Hi-Line gutter cleaning, became a part of that statistic after facing redundancy in May. Fortunately this encouraged Mark to start up […]

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