Life Works in Peculiar Ways – A Realistic Update

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

I like to keep things positive on my blog, after all it is a space for promoting wellbeing and better mental health. But, equally I wouldn’t be staying true to my brand if I didn’t also touch on the harsher elements of my own life which essentially ARE a part of life for all of […]

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Let’s Talk: The Process of Grief Beyond The 5 Steps

Grief is a funny old thing that no one person will experience it the same way. The length of time the process takes and the coping mechanisms you rely on will vary for each person. Still, losing somebody you love is difficult. What we fail to understand when we’re comforting friends and family is that […]

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10 Things I Learnt In 10 Years

Another decade done and dusted, another one to begin and welcome – granted I only remember about half of my first decade. I started this decade as a 10-year-old, finishing primary school and soon to be heading into the big scary world of secondary school. Since then, I have completed GCSE’s, A Levels, had my […]

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