A Review – The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva

We’ve thankfully grown better at conversing about mental health in recent years. But how much do we fully understand about the different illnesses? In the book ‘The Existence of Amy’, Lana Grace Riva takes the reader on a journey to recovery with main character Amy. Amy faces a daily battle against OCD and depression, but […]

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Don’t Let Society Make You Feel Like Your Body Isn’t Acceptable.

I don’t know about you, but I am frankly fed up of scrolling Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, feeds and seeing the same type of body. It goes without saying that I am by no means one to discriminate any BODY. I just strongly believe each type should be fairly represented and celebrated. For our […]

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Intimidation In The Street – Stop Harassing.

Image: Stop Street Harassment on Facebook

Catcalling, groping and general intimidation. A scenario us females are all too familiar with. Having to consider whether you’re showing too much skin in the Summer. Or believing that it’s your fault that boy groped your bum because of what you were wearing. Before I go on, this is by no means an attack on […]

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