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Inside a hair salon

Hair Salon Goes The Extra Mile During Pandemic

Owner of one of Wimbledon’s named best hair salons, Andy Sharma has worked in the industry from the age of 16. Andy kept in virtual touch with clients during the pandemic to help them through hair-care and at home styling, checking in on how they’re doing, and continuing to build the relationships with clients that […]

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Local Small Business Gives to Isolated Woman in Her 90’s

The power of social media still blows my mind each day. But it’s not social media that holds the power, it’s the individuals who create communities and friendships by utilising the various platforms. Bethan Mary, owner of DecoDori was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status to send a gift to a 90-year-old Great, Great-Auntie living […]

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Children reading a book together

New Book Helps Children Understand Dementia

850,000 people in the UK are estimated to be living with dementia according to Alzheimer’s Research UK. When a parent or grandparent is diagnosed with dementia it can be hard to take in, and sometimes harder for children to understand the changes going on for their loved person. This may be because they don’t “properly […]

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